Constant pressure to pay my timeshare fee per week owned. I wanted to sell my unit 4 years ago and they promised me to find a buyer, they never did. they wanted me to pay several thousands of dollars of fees. TCA guided me step by step. They took care of it.

Frank T.

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THANK YOU TCA!!! As of October 29, 2014 My Timeshare Resort issued confirmation to us that our contract was cancelled and we had no further responsibility or obligations to them. We are extremely thankful to Diana for her efforts on our behalf.

Timothy N.

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They gave me a 4 hour tour in Orlando for a cheaper ticket to the theme parks. They were pressuring me into buying. i gave in to the temptation, not really thinking it through. Luckily TCA helped me recover some of my investment.

Vanessa W.

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My timeshare in Delray Beach was costing me $750 per week. Luckily TCA assisted me with the legal stuff and even got me part of my initial investment back.

James D.

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